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Waterloo queers rally on Saturday, April 10

Waterloo queers are set to rally against homophobia and hate, following an incident at Cafe 1842 on March 29, when two lesbians were asked to stop kissing.

The queer community has organized a kiss-in, rally and dance for Saturday, April 10. 


Details from the Facebook Event

Start time: 2:00pm
Date: Saturday, April 10

Location: Waterloo Public Town Square


Administrators of the Facebook Page, Taking Action Against Homophobia in Waterloo Region, have released a statement of purpose:

Homophobia isn’t particular to just one location or any single person
or group. Homophobia is a frequent problem from being cat-called from
cars, to being threatened, to having inappropriate questions being
asked about sexuality, to being overtly discriminated against when our
identities aren’t invisible. We want an accessible, safe, and hate-free

This is an issue that has brought to the forefront several victims and
arguing any single case does not hold water when compared to the
avalanche of stories that have been shared openly in this page and
privately with the administrators thereof. As stated before, even
though the focus in the group has been about a single instance, the
greater intention of the group and the actions being planned are not to
target a specific incident or individual but instead the greater
problem at hand. The focus has been on one incident as a rally point,
but it is not the intention of the group who started this page to use
that as a target. The kiss-in will be focused on King Street in
Waterloo with the message of bringing communities together to create a
greater sense of safety and openness.


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