Toronto Diary
1 min

Way too much pride news…so let’s talk about other things.

Finally something to celebrate! The LCBO will not be going on strike. Now the only problem is what to do with all that liquor you stocked up on just in case. Please remember to party safely.

In other strike news, the city workers are still picketing, and still being assholes about it, according to The Globe (and most Toronto dailies). City hall has opened up 19 additional garbage drop off sites for residents, but I remain baffled as to how residents can be so desperate to get rid of trash a mere four days into the strike.

Meanwhile, in political news, someone appears to be intimidating voters in the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party leadership election, and I don’t just mean the Hillier supporters who are frightened by multisyllabic words. The winner will be announced on Saturday — but will we see him or her marching with the PC delegation at Toronto Pride on Sunday? My guess is no if it’s Randy Hillier.

Speaking of crazy Conservatives, is outraged, just outraged that the federal “Conservative” government (scare quotes theirs) is granting $400,000 to Toronto Pride from its Marquis Tourism Events Program. Hopefully, Lifesitenews will once again keep track of the politicians marching in the parade. It makes my research so much easier.

Like last year, when John Tory appeared (wearing “a lovely rainbow powder puff", thanks Lifesitenews!). Tory is still on the fence about running for mayor, but the National Post is gleefully reporting that he would win in a race for mayor against incumbent David Miller. The polls also show gay current deputy premier George Smitherman, also thought to be considering a run, would win handily. I’m gonna go out and say right now, I would love to see Smitherman heading city hall — if only to because the swearing matches with John Baird would be so much more entertaining.