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BC baby has three parents on her birth certificate

It’s funny: I’ve always seen myself as a parent at some point in the future, but I don’t necessarily see myself as married or in a long-term relationship. In my imagination, my ideal family would mean raising a kid with two or three other very intimate friends (maybe a lover or two?) whom I trust very deeply.

Hopefully the family of Della Wolf is one step closer to a more flexible recognition of what a family can be.

Aside from having a totally badass name, Della Wolf Kangro Wiley Richards also has three parents recognized on her birth certificate, two moms and a dad.

CBC reports that one of Della’s moms, Danielle Wiley, explained, “Both of us, from the beginning, wanted to have a father that would actually be a participant.”

According to the Ministry of Justice, BC’s new Family Law Act, which allows for three parents to be listed on Della’s birth certificate, mainly addresses “the safety and best interests of the child first when families are going through separation and divorce” but also “establishes a much needed framework for determining a child’s legal parents, including where assisted reproduction is used.”

Not exactly calling for a new way of looking at what a family can be . . . but I guess it’s all about baby steps.