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We can be Queeroes, again

The gay science fiction saga continues in Steven Bereznai’s sequel

Author Steven Bereznai reads a passage from his new book, Queeroes 2.

Steven Bereznai’s follow-up to Queeroes, the aptly titled Queeroes 2, is about to hit bookshelves and online stores with more thrills, plot twists and guy-on-guy romance.

Centring on young adolescents as they navigate their superpowers and homosexual urges, Queeroes 2 is a sexy sci-fi romp. As cheeky as it is original, the book goes where few superhero books have dared to go.

In the video above, the author reads a passage from his new book. Read our Q&A with Bereznai to find out more about the super-studs

The Queeroes 2 launch party takes place in Toronto on Sat, Oct 19 at Club120, 120 Church St. 

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