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We don’t need another hero

We've got plenty already, like the 69-and-still-fabulous Tina Turner! On her new world tour, she's broken out her old costume to go 'Thunderdome' on our asses:

Upon seeing this, the two-decades-younger Madonna fired her personal training staff and jabbed seven Botox syringes into her face at once.

Neil Patrick Harris has gone from supervillian to superhero, joining Jack Black, Margaret Cho and many more in "Prop 8: The Musical." Composer Marc "Hairspray" Shaiman admits it should've been written six weeks ago (you think?) but when a protest number is this fabulous, we're inclined to forgive: 

Adel Hussein is a Kurdish journalist who wrote an article on homosexuality and soon found himself in an Iraqi prison for it. Mr. Hussein, I salute your balls! Metaphorically, of course — I don't want to add another six months to your sentence! 

16-year-old Chantell Gregg is moving ahead with plans for a gay-inclusive social justice rally in Abbotsford, BC on Dec. 6, despite the backlash following its announcement. I never thought it would be so apt to say, "You go, girl!"

The legendary Pet Shop Boys took a break from working on their next album to write a song for Girls Aloud and the result is smooth and delicious: 

A new poll says 75% of the American public support gay rights — despite the success of recent anti-gay propositions, it's true that most straight people are on our side, provided that we're out to them and not making fun of their pants.

And finally, the "pretty easy to look at" Brad Pitt appeared on 'Ellen' to let her know about the ongoing efforts to rebuild New Orleans and how she can convince George Clooney to appear on her show. Two words, he says: male strippers ("Make one a blond"). How do you think Oprah got Tom Cruise on her couch?