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“We have a lot of work to do”

Call it propaganda if you must but damn, Obama knows how to work a campaign video!  This, our American friends, is what it's all about today: 

Of the many, many reasons for Americans not to vote Republican today, the most bizarre is that they can't spell!  Then again, CNN political writer Hilary Rosen points out that John McCain actually lost the election two years ago while this video looks to the future as McCain rekindles his grudge match with Sarah Palin!

The LA Times this weekend had a masterful editoral on why the California vote to revoke 'Will & Grace' creator Max Mutchnick's disturbingly perfect marriage is a "rare and terrible" thing.

Here in Canada, a counter-intuitive new study in the Canadian Journal of Economics says that straight men and women make slightly less money than lesbians and more money than gay men.  Really?  How are gay guys paying for all those iPhones?

On the set of Guy Ritchie's "Sherlock Holmes" movie, Jude Law suddenly leapt at Robert Downey Jr.'s hot, hot crotch!  Okay, he was actually helping to put out a fire caused by Downey's pipe but the image should start a couple of pants-fires of its own.

Meanwhile, the director himself was attacked by a knife-wielding 16-year-old shouting, "I love Madonna, where's Guy? I am going to kill him! I'm Madonna's biggest fan! I'm going to kill Guy." This divorce is going to be even messier than we thought!

Hopefully, such ugliness will be a thing of the past after Obama wins and ushers in a new Xanadu era of brotherhood and healing, like watching adorable dancing nerd Corey Vidal profess his heterosexual love for his pal Brent: