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New year's Eve party guide

DJs Recklezz and Lady Supa. Credit: Kris Steeves

There are a lot of things to manage on New Year’s Eve: outfit, hair, makeup, song-of-the-year playlists, twerking rehearsals and, most importantly, where to party? Xtra can be of service by guiding you through the city’s gay New Year’s celebrations. We’ve highlighted the most promising parties and asked some of the DJs what made their 2013 special. Stay warm, be patient, have fun — and see you in 2014!

Black and White Ball
DJs Deko-ze and Kevin Bailey
Fly Nightclub, 8 Gloucester St

2013 highlights:
DJ Deko-ze: What made 2013 special for me was starting the Jungle Funk label with Jerome Robins, having my first appearances in the Beatport Top 100, doing my fourth German DJ tour, meeting my boyfriend, Barry, and witnessing American Horror Story — so good!

Go Hard
DJs Blackcat and Pleasure
The Steady, 1051 Bloor St W

2013 highlights:
DJ Blackcat: Being asked to close Central Stage on Pride weekend Saturday night was a special moment for me. I love Central Stage, and it’s where I first got to DJ, in 1995.

The Beaver
Igby Lizzard, Judy Virago and DJs Regina the Gentlelady and Boy Pussy
The Beaver, 1192 Queen St W

2013 highlights:
Boy Pussy: I threw eight Pussy parties. Do you realize how much time I spent downloading and burning trans porn for the projections? I should just make porn; it would take less time. Also, I collaborated with Melleefresh on an EP, I photographed and was photographed by Nina Arsenault and Lexi Sanfino, and I grew a pair of tits.
Regina the Gentlelady: My band Light Fires released our debut album, Face. I performed all over Canada for it and in New York City. And my one-woman show has been accepted into Rhubarb for 2014. Regina’s theatrical debut!

Pitbull: Red Light District
DJs Brian Maier, Sumation, Robotic Kid and John Caffery
Phoenix Concert Theatre
410 Sherbourne St

2013 highlights:
DJ Brian Maier: I travelled more this past year than I have ever travelled before, visiting Seattle, Portland, London, Paris and Los Angeles to DJ events and see this amazing planet. I also fell in love with Kyle Krebs. Mascular Magazine asked me to start contributing, and I finally started a monthly residency in San Francisco called Stripped.
DJ Sumation: 2013 was special for me because of my fans’, friends’ and family’s support to help me be able to DJ full-time. I was featured on BlogTO and in Fab and Xtra. Internationally, I played in Rio, Ho Chi Minh City and at Splash in New York.

El Convento Rico
Vitality Black, Mr Rico,
Fabulous Russella, Sofonda Cox, Trent Ruban, Anahi Batista and DJ Level
El Convento Rico, 750 College St

2013 highlights:
Vitality Black: I got what I wanted to achieve, which was not only winning the crown for El Convento Rico, but also winning Woody’s Miss Czarina. I’m truly blessed, and what a great new year it will be. Reach for the stars and live the dream.

Ivory Towers, Carlotta Carlisle, Tyler Uptight and Jada Hudson, plus DJs Quinces and Alex
Crews & Tangos, 508 Church St

2013 highlights:
DJ Quinces: The year 2013 was filled with great fun and spectacle. News of Toronto hosting WorldPride in 2014, the third year of my weekly residency at Crews & Tangos and partying with truly amazing partygoers in the Church and Wellesley neighbourhood.

DJs Ticky Ty and Chez
Church, 504 Church St

2013 highlights:
DJ Chez: For me, 2013 was a year of growth and community. Getting to learn who I am and getting close with the people around me.

Ivory Invitation
DJs Recklezz and Lady Supa
Eight Wine Bar at Cosmopolitan Hotel, 8 Colborne St

2013 highlights:
DJ Recklezz: Playing for bigger crowds and amazing parties, such as Back to Church, Big Primpin’ and Yes Yes Y’all, is indescribable. Being able to feel all that energy and control the atmosphere with every song I drop — it’s why I love what I do so much.
DJ Lady Supa: I love how the club scenes had many new anthems and theme songs. Drake made this year very interesting, especially for the ladies, with tracks like “The Motion,” “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and “Girls Love Beyoncé.”

Best of the rest
NYC 90s
Scarlett Bobo and
DJ Mark Falco
WAYLA, 996 Queen St E
Crush Party
Caitlin, Jesse Rae
and Khadeja
Club120, 120 Church St
Rock Through the Ages
Kiss of Life crew
Henhouse 1532 Queen St W
Big Prickin’ Big Ass
DJ Chris Steinbach and eight hot bartenders
Woody’s, 467 Church St
Mega Bash
DJs Amita, Jiten
and K Square
Courthouse 57 Adelaide St E
Donavon LeNabat, Natasha, Buckeridge, Kendall and DJ Cory Activate
72 Carlton St