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We love a man in uniform

It's Remembrance Day but why remember old soldiers? With all the news about Obama, Prop 8, the Liberal leadership race and our faltering economy, we're not hearing enough about our soliders in the Middle East fighting and dying right now

Aside from agitating to end the war and bring them home, there's not much we civilian gays can do to help, except continue to provide them with the cheesy club music that secretly brings us all — gay, straight, soldier, civilian — together as we ask that simple question:

Desperate for distraction, soldiers will eventually turn to the joys of "Barbie Girl," perform numbers from Broadway musicals, shake it with Fergie or just flat-out go gay for…um…"Barbie Girl." Hey, whatever gets you through your next rotation, guys.  Do it like mammals if you need to.  All I know is that I found this 2006 CBC 'Christmas card' below and hope that Chris is now home:

Of course, the cruel irony this week is that while US soldiers are kept in Iraq to fight for "freedom," state constitutions were being rewritten to ensure discrimination against gay citizens. Joining yesterday's list of straight guys we love, the mighty Keith Olbermann takes on the gay marriage debate: