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We tease because we love!

Sure, there was a lot of tittering over Daniel Radcliffe's nude scene in "Equus" this past year but the "Harry Potter" star really came into his own at a Broadway AIDS benefit last week, debuting his hilarious love song to his horse co-star:

In other Annoying British People News, Sir Elton John has lost his lawsuit against the UK newspaper that made fun of him. While we feel for our Velvet Mafia leader, there is still a great sigh of relief as we now continue with our regularly scheduled Elton John teasing!

In Annoying Wannabe-British People News, Madonna has granted ex-hubby Guy Ritchie 50 million pounds, one of the largest divorce settlements ever. He even gets to keep his pub! It's said that Madonna will be moving back to New York — we look forward to hearing her retire that off-putting fake British accent and reclaim her off-putting fake Bronx accent!

Sometimes teasing goes too far:  everyone's picking on poor actor Scott Caan for getting his balls caught on film by paparazzi while out surfing, and then there's the weirdo who took Neil Patrick Harris' adorable chat with Elmo on "Sesame Street" and turned it into something dirty!

Get ready to tease Ellen Degeneres and Britney Spearsthey're going Christmas caroling on Ellen's show today, if you seek enough!

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences raised eyebrows this week when they ignored all the comedians out there and chose Hugh Jackman to host next year's Oscar Awards.  But why not?  He's hosted the Tonys and the man knows how to put on a show:

Watching Hugh camp it up in shiny gold pants might seem like pandering to us gays but no — the hot, hot new trailer for next summer's "Wolverine" film is pandering to us gays!

And finally, we could never tease the fine, fine folks at the "Made in Brazil" website. They're "Brazilianizing the world, one day at a time" and who can argue with that?  Go vote for this year's Hottest Brazilian…assuming you can decide!