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Wear the wigs of Cher

Diva offers a new app that allows you to look like her

Our arts editor, Phil Villeneuve, makes a great Cher. Credit: Xtra

Having transcended six decades of music, Cher’s impact on pop culture is no laughing matter. However, her impact on the internet is a different story.

When the 67-year-old diva lets loose on her social media accounts, hilarity almost always ensues. But this time the entertainment comes not from her active Twitter account, but rather from a new app on Cher’s official Facebook page.

Cher Yourself allows you to transform into the goddess of pop herself. Simply choose a photo from Facebook (or upload your own) and choose from one of three looks from Cher’s music video for Woman’s World.

You can scale and rotate your photo to perfectly fit into your new wig and caption it with lyrics from the club anthem, then “Cher” your image to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr — or simply save it to your desktop.

In our photo above we took the liberty of turning Xtra’s favourite arts editor into the “Turn Back Time” diva — we think the uncanny likeness is truly unBelieve-able.