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Web series #15minutes stars best of Vancouver nightlife

It’s a new age for Vancouver’s underground scene, with more artists emerging and making their mark east of Main Street than ever before. A new web series called #15minutes puts six (seven, if you count Brent Ray Fraser’s penis) of Vancouver’s visionaries together for a reality show like no other.
The cast is made up of Samantha Mack, pornstar and aspiring children’s book author (the kids will never be the same); Brent Ray Fraser, multimedia artist and most desired man in Vancouver; talent agent Peter Breeze, whose fame-hungry capitalistic tendencies makes Kris Jenner seem passive in comparison; nightlife socialite Berlin Stiller, who dreams of being a Victoria’s Secret Angel but doesn’t need a contract to walk around town wearing nothing but lingerie; drag diva Joey Vanity, hairstylist by day, Baby Spice by night; and event promoter Matt Troy, whose Art and Leisure centre serves as the Warhol’s Factory–style hub for the show’s stars.
#15minutes has submitted to Storyhive, which offers “grants and distribution opportunities for local creative talent in Western Canada with fresh ideas to make video projects happen.” This fall, Storyhive is awarding 15  $10,000 grants per province in British Columbia and Alberta, plus two $50,000 grants to produce a full web series.
Support the creative leaders of our community by checking out the #15minutes promo video, and vote to not only get our beloved fame whores on the screen of their dreams, but to help create a web series that will document every scandalous moment of Vancouver’s party revolution!