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Webmaster sentenced to death in Iran

Saeed Malekpour, 35, an Iranian man with permanent resident status in Canada, was sentenced to death by an Iranian judge on Dec 4.
Malekpour moved to Canada with his wife in 2004 but was arrested by Iranian officials in 2008 while visiting his father. 

There is reportedly a vague list of charges against him. Among them is, “Taking action against national security by designing and moderating adult content websites.”

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One of the most current and interesting pieces of documentary journalism on the state of things in Iran I've seen is the 2009 HBO documentary For Neda

You can watch it in its entirety below. It's sobering. 

And keep in mind, worldwide tensions are starting to rise again surrounding the government in Iran, as it told the world last week that it has most of what it needs to develop its own self-sufficient nuclear program. The escalation is terrifying. The Guardian out of the UK is an excellent non-US source of information on Iran