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Week in Review

Have you been following the comments on several Vancouver-page stories this week? Click here for some end-of-week crazy. I would like to applaud the five or so people who are secure enough to use proper first and last names. Every asshole can have an opinion, but not every opinion has an asshole. Who knew.  

Congratulations to DJ Jeffery Michael for winning Vancouver's Hot Gay DJ competition. Among all his fabulous prizes, I hear he gets a Montreal gig as well. Booyah!


And now for some heteronormative Pride bashing. Check out this closet case's (just kidding!) gross blog posting:

I like that it starts out with him asserting that he once had three friends. Friends? Yeah right. I'm joking (a bit) people and read quite a bit over the past couple weeks about how Vancouver Pride might be better off as a diversity celebration (which might kinda be his point). I'm not sold yet, just wish there was more constructive ways to talk about the parade than this.

And now for something that made me laugh:

Next week, I'll be in Montreal for the Queer of the Year competition. Check back here for a behind-the-scenes look at my competition in that other part of Canada.

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