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Weekend randomness

Just a few random bits from the weekend today:

On CTV’s Question Period yesterday, John Baird let it be known that his new mantra in this session of Parliament is “cutting red tape.” Previous incarnations had been “The Liberals didn’t get it done, Mr. Speaker. We’re getting the job done” in reference to his woefully inadequate environmental policies. And wouldn’t you know it, he didn’t get that job done either. I don’t hold out much hope for all the red tape they propose to cut either.

Incoming Senator Patrick Brazeau has decided to step down as national chief of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, thus giving up one of the two six-figure salaries he would be claiming. Of course, there are still those particular unresolved allegations of sexual harassment, but the PMO says they’re aware of the allegations and support Brazeau anyway. I’m still waiting for that particular one to bite the PMO in the ass.

The RCMP are now probing the conduct of five government MPs when it came to them mailing out letters telling farmers in the area how to vote and who to vote for when it came to positions on the board of the Canadian Wheat Board. The impropriety comes from the fact that it is alleged they got the mailing information from voters lists that they weren’t supposed to have. Given how the message from farmers seems to largely be that they’re still in favour of the existence of the CWB in its present form, the government’s increasing use of rather underhanded means to try to dismantle the CWB for ideological means is starting to smack of desperation.

And finally it was Sir John A. Macdonald’s birthday this weekend (there is debate as to whether it was actually on Saturday or Sunday), but if you did not celebrate by imbibing in the memory of our founding Prime Minister, then I suggest you observe the occasion tonight, and raise a glass in his honour. After all, we wouldn’t be here without him.