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Weekend Shenanigans

Based on the amount of people that made it to the Hangout it looked like a success. So many entries for the silent auctions…things were looking like they were going to make some pretty good contributions to the Dr Peters AIDS Foundation.  Congrats to all that helped organized!

Best bid of the night (Dave Andrew's bidding Steve Adams for Laser Lipo.  Also by the end of the night somebody had added 'plus 15$ and cab ride home)

Since I have decided to be butch this weekend and do a camping trip, I have been watching the weather like a hawk.  I did something right this week as the forecast is saying SUN!  Finally! Get out to the beach, have some beers and then head over to SHINDIG tonight where the always lovely and drunk Brandon Gaukel will be spinning yesterdays freshest beats.  Have a good weekend guys!!

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