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Weekend watch: Verra City Waves at the Elmdale Tavern

Oshawa quartet Verra City Waves bring their blues-infused sound to the Elmdale Tavern Friday, Nov 2.

The band started as a duo, made up of singer Kiera Amyot and vocalist/guitarist Keith Dean, before recently adding Kiera’s bro Conor on bass and drummer Tervor Dewit. The addition of Conor and Tervor has given the band’s vibe a harder edge, Conor says. He admits he never expected to be in a band with his sister.

"We always got along,” he says. “It’s kind of a big surprise that we ended up doing it. I’ve always been serious about music, while Kiera sings for fun."

There is a definite sense of fun to Verra City Waves’ music mixed in with rock and alternative influences.

The band will release a new EP titled Buried in the Sand (listen to the title track below) in the near future.

Kingston readers can catch the band at the Toucan on Saturday, Nov 3.

Verra City Waves

Fri, Nov 2, 10pm 

The Elmdale Tavern

1084 Wellington St W


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