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Weekend Wiener Contest

I can't tell you how many times I've tried to add a little parsley and googly eyes to boyfriend Steve's wiener to spicen things up on Thursday nights…

Nor can I tell you how many times it looked exactly like this. (Wiener Sculpture Contest Source)

What kind of gay doesn't like a good ol' fashioned weenie contest? No really. Comment and tell me.

In semi-related news, May Long Weekend generally turns out to be Vancouver's mini-Pride. There are parties every day beginning tonight with Queer Bash. With so much to do this weekend and most of it reported here over the past week, take the time to check out our very own weekend weenie contest. Oh there will be wieners. Don't forget your speedo…

…or don't don't forget it. It is Queer Bash after all.

Happy May Long!

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