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Weibo, climate change and the Commonwealth

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Chinese LGBT fight content ban on Weibo

A nationwide outcry by LGBT people in China successfully reversed a ban on gay content on the country’s equivalent to Twitter, Sina Weibo. [The New York Times]

Backlash against Trinidad and Tobago ruling

Gay rights activists in Trinidad and Tobago are calling on police to protect them against backlash, including physical attacks and vandalism, after the country’s highest court ruled against a ban on gay sex. [Newsday]

Gay rights lawyer kills self in climate protest

After notable American gay rights lawyer David Buckel died by setting himself on fire in a Brooklyn park, his friends say he was making the statement he wanted about climate change. [New York Daily News]

UK softens on confronting Commonwealth homophobia

The UK government seems to be backpedalling on a promise to confront LGBT rights issues at an upcoming Commonwealth summit in London. A majority of Commonwealth countries still have anti-gay laws on the books. [The Guardian]

Pope to meet with gay Chilean sexual abuse victim

Pope Francis has invited a gay Chilean man who was abused by a Catholic priest to visit him at the Vatican. Francis has been criticized for defending a bishop who allegedly helped to cover up the abuse. [The Washington Blade]