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Weird Shit

Today, we've got what it says on the tin…

Thanks to the internet, I'd thought I'd encountered every possible fetish by this point but no — here comes Dinosaurs Fucking Robots!  I was this close to coining the term 'bi-ceratops' but knew someone would slap me.

Xtra's man in Parliament Dale Smith is spending today covering the people who are covering the people who are covering Barack Obama's first presidential visit.  Smith's not impressed, even if Obama "comes in riding on a unicorn with trumpeting angels heralding his arrival."  If only — it'd be better than the treatment Obama got from the foul, anti-gay editorial cartoonist Sean Delonas, who proves once again that the pen is douchier than the sword! 

Sure, you're asking, "What the hell is with the horse peeing rainbows?" but the bigger question is, can you make through all 1:21 of its "song?"

Who knew Canada had its own X-Files? I can sleep at night knowing that someone is out there, trying to catch the Wendigo.  And I still maintain that the Chinook is caused by aliens.

Speaking of aliens, while we wait for the new season of 'Torchwood' later this year, the UK TV site has an adorable online comic that proves Captain Jack will flirt in any medium:

Of course, since aliens don't exist, homosexuals are our greatest threat, says Utah state senator Chris Buttars. Gay people, he insists, are "the meanest buggers I have ever seen…just like the Muslims." As always, the facts prove him completely wrong but who needs facts when you're a senator?

Now I'd love to see Buttars locked in a UFC cage with Margaret Atwood, who has refused to attend a Dubai literary festival because the organizers banned a book that contained a gay character. Go, Peggy!

I was going to go out on a limb and say that this was the weirdest video I have ever seen but that was even before CBC hosts Steven and Chris showed up:

But finally, some good music — as I mentioned on Tuesday, the Pet Shop Boys received their "Outstanding Contribution to Music" honour at the Brit Awards last night and had Lady Gaga and Brandon Flowers join them for a very weird, very wonderful medley of their two decades of hits:

And yes, I promise I won't mention them again until at least, say, March 24th