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Welcome to Down East

Introductions are never easy, especially online.

Hi, I’m Simon.

Xtra recently gave me the opportunity to start a daily blog on xtra.ca, called Down East, about what’s happening on Canada’s East Coast. I was asked to write an introductory post, to give readers a sense of who I am and what I will be writing about.

It’s almost like filling out an application form on a dating site:

Name: Simon Thibault.

Height: 5’9”

Age: None of your business.

Weight: You should know better than to ask…

Please include a picture to ensure maximum views.

Okay then…

Interests: (In no particular order) queer politics, gender theory, transgender concepts, pornography, subcultures, performance, comics, arts, queer rural living, queer youth, queer history, etc, etc.

Your bio:

My name is Simon Thibault and I write.

I write about a lot of things. Thanks to xtra.ca, I will be writing a lot more.

As in everyday.

Here, I hope to discuss and give light to events, people and happenings in various cities, towns and areas in Atlantic Canada.  

So does that fulfill my introductory quota?

Enough about me; tell me about you. I’d like to hear from you, my fellow East Coasters. What are you doing? What are your upcoming events? Where are they happening? Or do you have an interesting story? Did something catch your ear? Let me know.

You can contact me at twitter.com/simonathibault or at xtradowneast@gmail.com.

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