Toronto Diary
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Welcome to Hell!

So this happened:

Yes, that is the Toronto Sun, completely dropping any pretense of objective, level-headed journalism and announcing that Ontario is now Hell because we have a Liberal minority.

At first, I was like…

But then I was all…

Which is to say I’m just confused. Disappointed and confused. What has to go wrong in your life to make you decide to run a newspaper front page comparing your province to a mythical land of eternal firey suffering full of dead murderers and rapists because you didn’t get your way during an election? This is like what would happen if you took away a 16-year-old girl’s iPhone and then gave her free rein with the editorial department. It’s not clever parody or biting satire; it’s whiny, inflammatory hyperbole.

(Gif goodness via Rich Juzwiak at FourFour) 

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