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Wentworth Miller comes out

Prison Break actor is gay/eternally young

Wentworth Miller comes out!
Actor/writer Wentworth Miller, 41, has come out as a gay man. The star of Prison Break, writer of Stroker, and Mariah Carey video star, who is 41, protested the anti-gay laws of Russia by declining to attend the Saint Petersburg International Film Festival. In his letter, he thanks the committee for their invitation but says, “However, as a gay man [who is 41 years old], I must decline.”  
GLAAD has posted the full letter online.
Of course, many have speculated about the 41-year-old's sexuality, beginning with Perez Hilton on his outing witch hunt years ago.
Also, did you know he is 41?
Along with joining the ranks of proud gay men everywhere, Miller can now consider a new career of hawking that Cindy Crawford (who is 47!) mango-infused anti-aging cream.