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West End rallies for renter’s rights

Activists call on province to change tenancy laws

TAKING A STAND. West End renter Doug Perry attended the Oct 25 rally for renters' rights. Credit: Liz Hargreaves photo

More than 150 people rallied in Vancouver’s West End on Oct 25, calling on the provincial government to protect renters’ rights by amending the Residential Tenancy Act.

“People are being driven out,” said filmmaker Aerlyn Weissman. “The West End — if this doesn’t change — will become an enclave for the wealthy.”

“I personally was evicted two years ago, this is almost the anniversary of the day I would have had to leave my building,” Little Sister’s manager Janine Fuller told the crowd. “We stayed, we fought our eviction, and we won.”

Check out’s video report below:

Video by Liz Hargreaves.