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Westboro Baptist Church treated to drag show from Equality House

For a group of people who will picket anything with even the faintest whiff of queer undertones, the Westboro Baptist Church has probably experienced more LGBT culture and art than most people ever will. Granted, they're only watching it so they can troll afterward, but . . . actually, that's the entire crux of the internet right there. Moving on.

In the wake of having a punk band come to their house and film a bisexual masturbation flick on their front lawn, the WBC was treated to their very own drag show courtesy of Equality House. Comparatively, sometimes my neighbour plays the guitar at two in the morning. I'm not saying one is inherently better than the other, but actually no, Equality House is way better.

As you can see in the video below, the fine people at Equality House were kind enough to organize a full-blown show right in front of the WBC for all its members to receive. Which, let's be real here, kinda makes them the best neighbours ever. One can only hope the WBC were decent enough to thank them with a muffin basket or something. Maybe some flowers . . .