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What are you doing New Years?

Here's a small excerpt from my next print column for you to consider this week. If you're going to get tickets, commit and buy now so you're not disappointed in line when you find out you can't get in to where you were planning to go:

Every club, every friend and every family member has THE
best party and want you to come to make it that much more fun. If you’re feeling
stumped or (like me) feel that New Year’s is for amateurs, here’s something to
remember for WED DEC 31:

Every establish queer clubbing space in Vancouver will have a party –
Celebrities, Odyssey, Numbers, Pumpjack, the Majestic and Honey/Lotus/Lick are all
throwing events. Out of these six stand-bys, the Majestic has just gone through
renos and be relaunching as a new club in the new year. The Honey/Lotus/Lick
night has a capacity for 800 people and the crowd will be 100% mixed. 

As for interesting venues, Big Rogers gets the prize for
hosting its NYE bash at the Roundhouse. Definitely worth checking out.

For more information, check out the event listings in the current edition of Xtra! West or visit and select the Vancouver page for more information.

Remember, Nancy Wilson knows best: 

And here's a little something to think about in light of all the motherf*@#!%g snow we've got right now here on the Coast:
Oh Canadian Police Chase…bahahahaha