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What does it take to become a member of Pride Toronto?

Some of those who gathered at the 519 Church Street Community Centre on June 7 wondered aloud about what’s involved in becoming members and directors of Pride Toronto.

Check out the organization’s  by-laws here. And amendments to them here.


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Incidentally, Xtra asked Pride Toronto executive director Tracey Sandilands about how to become a member of Pride Toronto in advance of the AGM last year.

“Even if they join as a member on the day [of the AGM] they won’t be able to vote,” says Sandilands, “because they must have done eight hours of volunteer work in the past year in order to qualify to vote… and there’s absolutely no opportunity between now and next week for anyone to chalk up eight hours of volunteer work. We’re quiet at the moment, there’s nothing really happening.

“Really the point for [the AGM] is for people who have been involved for a fair amount of time, so they need to be the ones who have the say…. But yes, anybody can attend, though there may not be a lot of point to it.”

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