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What February blahs? Who wants cake?

Ugh.  We're all feeling it.  Too much winter, too much snow, too much cold.  We're hearing about the Mexican witchhunt on priests with AIDS, that creepy woman with the 14 children, the terrible American remake of "Absolutely Fabulous" coming down the pike and we fear that if Peter Hitchins doesn't learn the true meaning of "tyranny" sometime soon, we're gonna lose it like Christian Bale on the "Terminator" set:

But hold on!  Spring is coming!  And there's lots of little ways to keep smiling through the cold, grey days to come…

— you could laugh as hard and long as I did over Stephen Colbert's take on the first lesbian Prime Minister of Iceland:

"How many Lesbian Prime Ministers can the world handle? We already have Canada's Steven Harper."

— you could watch muscle models make an underwear fashion video:

— you could hack into the football cable TV signal and stick in some porn!

— you could dance with some US Army guys who appear to be asking and telling:

— you could let Perez Hilton find you a man with a huge penis…oh wait, it's David Spade.  Nevermind.

— you could bake a rainbow cake. Delicious!


— you could find lots of sex online, like the girl in this hilariously overwrought and judgmental UK news article.

— or you could sing along with Annie Lennox!  After her last, rather depressing album, it looks like Stella got her groove back: