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What federal political parties are saying about World Pride 2014, and what they’re not

Federal Liberals and New Democrats have been quick to support Toronto’s successful bid for World Pride 2014, but take a look at
the subtle differences in messaging.

(Pride Toronto 2009, Jenna Wakani photo)

NDP leader Jack Layton tweeted a congratulatory message
on Sunday, soon after the news broke:

The NDP also released a statement yesterday, noting that
Toronto’s successful bid is a “testimony to the strength of the LGBT
community” in the city, but that “we also still have a distance to
travel in Canada in eliminating discrimination.”

No official congratulatory tweets from the Liberal Party
or Ignatieff, but for its press release, the party hauled out tourism critic Navdeep
Bains. Bains offers congratulations and makes many references to the event’s economic impact and human rights. There’s no mention of gay, lesbian
or queer in the Liberal release, but there’s a nice snub against “social
conservatives” who kicked up a fuss over Pride Toronto funding earlier
this year.

Do I even need to mention that there’s been no official word from the Tories?

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