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What Reid has said

The federal Liberal Party has distributed to media a list of comments made by Darrel Reid.

“This [Bill C-250, which adds sexual orientation to the list of identifiable groups to be protected] isn’t the first time in human history where tyranny has been imposed on people. You know it happened in Germany in the ’30s, and frankly I see some real parallels there, because you know Adolf Hitler and his bunch really didn’t care ultimately what you thought personally, but they really cared about what you said, because that became dangerous, and therefore when people spoke up about things like freedom or spoke up about their religious values, that was when the power of the state started coming down.” (Canadian Press, Jan 16, 2006)

“Liberalization of divorce laws was the biggest disaster to hit Canada, short of common-law marriage…. Every Christian’s under an obligation to change laws to reflect biblical values.” (The Report Magazine, Apr 24, 2000, Volume 26, Number 52)

“Only God can make Canada a truly Christian country…. Christians are called to be faithful where God places them. We are called to speak biblical truth to seek justice — and that obviously has implications for our political life.” (

“Darrel Reid, the Conservative candidate in Richmond, has described parents of an evangelical perspective as being ‘in a war’ when it comes to what children are taught in the public school system. He worries about children being bombarded with messages about permissive sex education, evolution or a curriculum that encourages young people to understand Islam.” (, a BC web-based magazine)