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What the fuck were they thinking?

It's been a long time since the What the fuck were they thinking files?
were opened, but it's been worth the wait because boy oh boy, do I have
an Easter treat for you. Whilst riding home on the dreaded BC
Ferries-Tsawwassen-Vancouver public transit guantlet on Easter Monday,
my sister Lindsay and I ended up standing in front of this on the 98B
Line wondering whether Alice in Wonderland had thrown up all over the bus seats behind us:

It's like we had stumbled upon an old-timey TransLink saloon, filled with gurls from the local maison derrier whose penchant for a quick sasparilla is known to get them into no end of man trouble before they take the stage to sing bawdy showtunes about railways and the sexual appeal of stove-pipe hats.

Take one part whimsy and one part discount fabric…then mix it with socks that tie up just before they can make sweet-sweet cottony love to your knee….and voila! You get four teens venturing out of the wilds of Richmond to go book shopping in New Westminster (thank you, eavesdropping). 

Let's go in for a closer look:


Remember: when you find yourself staring in the mirror wondering whether accessorizing your new pink frock, lace blouse, frilly socks, and pink platforms with your grandmother's favourite costume broach might just be that extra bit too much, it probably is.

(photos by Lindsay)