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What the fuck were they thinking?


Photo credit: me.

Please note, my photographic hallmarks include: graininess and no sense of focus.

I've been sitting on this photo for a couple months now and it's been
eating me up (ha ha) inside. Since I've promised to keep the identities
of the subjects in these photos secret, including celebrities, I
encourage you to go ahead and fall in love with my gimp photo editing.
Look at those black-bar identity blockers. They're hot.

don't get me wrong. I love [insert musical artist name here] and
thought her Vancouver concert was the second best I've ever seen (top
honours go to Madge's Confessions Tour in Madison Square Gardens). And
when [insert musical artist name here] called for the boys to come
dance on the stage, I knew she was calling me and would tolerate the
other 53 yahoos that got up on stage as long as I was there to rock it
out and keep everyone real. Still, this picture makes me feel
funny…and not in the climbing-the-rope-in-gym-class kinda way.

[insert musical artist name here] likes to dress up as a giant yellow
watermelon and garnish herself with a tin-foil crown (of the christmas
cracker variety). Or maybe she decided to Trick-or-Treat her own
concert (while she was singing, what can I get for $10?
my thoughts turned to the obvious). Who am I to judge? Well, for
starters, we can all learn something from the giant fist in this
picture. It is just about to beat some fashion sense into her…and I,
for one, applaud its knuckly panache and punchy know-how.