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What to do this weekend: UNO, FF, Body Break Spit, Hustla

Some fierce parties are happening this weekend! Here's the to-do list:

On Friday, Oct 7, come celebrate one year of the "new" Oasis (1240 Thurlow St) with their anniversary party, Uno. Oasis is continuously the most popular place for the gays or the fags or whatever you wanna call 'em to spend their Fridays. Performances by my girls Peter Breeze, Raye Sunshine and Syren! 

DJ Adam Dreaddy has been getting me excited about a relaunch of Fag Fridays for quite some time and proves that good things come to those who wait! FF makes its debut at The Helm (1180 Howe St) Friday, Oct 7. Plan of attack? Why not check out Uno at Oasis and FF at The Helm? They're only a few blocks from each other and there's no cover at either. 

If you see me stumbling around the West End in workout clothes, it's because I plan on finishing my Friday giving my Eastside boys some love at Body Break Spit at the Anza (3 West 8th Ave). Dress-up party! Need I say more? 

Hustla is back on Saturday, Oct 8 at The Cobalt (917 Main St). The ultimate hip-hop extravaganza, thrown by sweet Peach Cobblah. Resident DJ Jef Leppard with DJ Thatssoraven are in the house. And don't miss a strip-hop performance by burlesque darling Crystal Precious.
Be sure to stock up on condoms and lube, generously donated by HIM (Health Initiative for Men), and have a happy and safe weekend!