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What voter data tells us

In the examination of voter data, it looks as though Stephen Harper is building a voter coalition that will be more durable than Brian Mulroney’s. Mulroney’s was based on regional grievances, while Harper’s is apparently built more on individual voters’ perceived values and tries to build a “coalition of taxpayers.”

Voter data also shows that ethnic minority groups did not move toward the Conservatives in any significant way. I guess Jason Kenney is going to have to keep hitting every ethnocultural event with a buffet.

Here are some interesting demographic statistics about the NDP’s new constituency (more francophone and less multicultural than before, for example). Meanwhile, Layton’s Quebec lieutenant, Thomas Mulcair, has worked very hard to be the smartest guy in the room and isn’t afraid to let you know it.

Three Quebec Liberal organizers are lining up against the party executive when it comes to looking at leadership rules.

Here is a look at what our new bloated cabinet costs us. Age of austerity, everyone!

And here’s a look at the order of precedence now that Lawrence Cannon is out of the picture. Senator Marjory LeBreton becomes the new de facto deputy PM, and poor John Baird moves from number two to number 11 behind even Bev Oda. Ouch!
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