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What Would Ricky Martin Do?

If you didn't catch yesterday's review of Acme Cafe, check it out here and then check out the comments section. It was all caused by this. Don't let people slinging mud at me distract you from the facts: Acme Cafe serves really good pie. Yum!

Anyway, in an effort to find some sort of humour in the situation, I did some analysis.

  • If that blog was a street corner, it would've received approximately 13,147 visits since June 2004.
  • That's about 6 visits per day, not counting the self-visit to check if other people were, in fact, visiting or ignoring this corner for other more exciting locales.

ANALYSIS: That's not a very busy street corner and certainly doesn't look like any corner I've seen in the Downtown

Anyway, in tough times like these, I look to my idols for advice. Yesterday, I once again found myself asking… myself…. Sean, what would Ricky Martin do?

Well, we all know the answer to that:

This is what the bottom of the barrel looks like. With role models like these, how am I ever going to mend my alleged sex pig ways?

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