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Whatchadoin’ this Saturday??

Coming to see uber-brilliant director/producer Jonathan Caouette screen his award winning film Tarnation at Cinemark Tinseltown at 7pm? Yeah. I thought that's what you were doing.

I'll be hosting the FilmForward Spotlight Director segment immediately after the screening. If you've had a secret crush on Jonathan since his turn in Shortbus or if you like asking questions about the how's and why's of cinema, this is for you. I'm pretty sure I will make inappropriate sexual references. So come on down.

It turns out I'm also hosting something else on Saturday as well…and this time I won't be talking into a microphone (lucky you)…so you know what else you're gonna do? You're gonna come down to Pulse for DJ Mark Falco and one of my Toronto favourites…
Damn that Cassandra is so fucking HOT right now! If you missed her show during Pride, do not miss out on this night…