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When Ikea doesn’t cut it

New Oak Tree creates custom-designed furniture that’s made to last

The bed- and dining-room sets show how wood can make a room classic and contemporary at the same time. Credit: New Oak Tree

There’s just nothing like getting some good wood.

Before we became a disposable society, people bought furniture to last, often inheriting some particularly nice pieces from parents or grandparents. Now, in an effort to stop replacing poor-quality furniture every few years, many consumers are making the switch back to handcrafted wood furniture.

“People are coming to the realization that it’s actually better value to spend a little bit more — just a little bit more — and buy it once, rather than buying something substandard and having to buy it every five or six years,” says Terry Cole, president of The New Oak Tree.

With locations in Port Hope, Carleton Place, Navan, Brockville, Pembroke and Cochrane, Alberta, The New Oak Tree serves a diverse clientele of people who want their home and office furniture to stand the test of time.

“We’re starting to see more and more younger people coming in here,” Cole says. “You buy a timeless style and it’s going to last forever. They can hand it down to their children, and it’s a better way to go. You spend less money in the long run.”

Unlike mass-produced products, all the furniture New Oak Tree makes and sells is handmade from real wood. “We’re selling real furniture rather than particle board disguised as furniture,” Cole says. “You’re getting something that’s handcrafted, and you’re getting the best of Mother Nature because every piece of wood, from every tree, is different.”

From bedroom sets to living-room sets; whether you’re outfitting your office, kitchen or dining room, each New Oak Tree location has showrooms to give you an idea of the pieces and styles they carry. Many customers opt for custom-made furniture, which means your furniture will be tailor-made to your exact specifications.

You can choose the type of wood you want — red oak, quarter-sawn white oak, hickory, walnut, elm, cherry or maple. Then you can choose the wood stain and finish you want, which, along with the furniture style you choose, can make your piece look classic or contemporary. 

You also can choose the size you want. You see a gorgeous dresser you love but you want it to be deeper, longer and higher? Just give the measurements you want and it will be custom made.

“They don’t have to settle for anything,” Cole says of New Oak Tree’s customers. “They can get something exactly, exactly that they want.”

Whether you’re looking to furnish a room, a house or just look around, Cole says you can visit any New Oak Tree location and you’ll find the staff knowledgeable and helpful. “We’re not high-pressure . . . The furniture sells itself, so it’s a matter of helping the consumer find what’s best for them.”

A custom-made piece of furniture is usually delivered to your door in eight to 10 weeks.

“We even give it a lifetime parts-and-labour warranty, and there’s nobody in the business that does that,” Cole says.