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Where are they now: LOUD winner Scott Mackay

Daily Xtra profiles past LOUD scholarship recipients

Since receiving a LOUD scholarship in 2012, Scott Mackay has produced Vancouver’s annual Queens Care fundraiser for the last three years. Credit: Courtesy of Scott Mackay

When Scott Mackay moved to Vancouver after high school, he was still closeted and trying to figure out where he belonged. The city’s queer community welcomed him with open arms.

“It’s done so many positive things for me as I’ve grown up over the last eight years,” he says. 

“So it’s always been really important for me — when I have the opportunity to give back and do something for the community that supported me.”

Mackay, who studied business administration at Langara College, has sought ways to combine his skills in marketing and advertising with his desire to contribute to Vancouver’s LGBT community.

In 2011, he was crowned Imperial Crown Prince of Vancouver by the Dogwood Monarchist Society (DMS), where he volunteered as a special events coordinator. He spent the year assisting then-Empress Kamelle Toe, using his marketing skills to help her with fundraising efforts for the society’s charities.

“I had a genuine interest in marketing and events — both as a personal interest and also it was what I was going to school for — so I think it ended up being a win-win for everybody,” he reflects.

The following year, Mackay received a $2,000 scholarship from BC’s LOUD Foundation, which supports young LGBT leaders.

“I remember it being a really humbling experience,” he says.

“I think it really sparked opportunities and connections that I’ve been able to use moving forward, and strengthening my role in our community.”

Since receiving his LOUD scholarship, Mackay has worked with CruiseyT Productions, which hosts gay party cruises in and around Vancouver’s harbours, and Queens Care, an annual fundraiser that brings together some of Vancouver’s most talented drag performers to raise money for Friends for Life and the DMS Charity fund. For the last three years, Mackay has been the event producer for Queens Care.

“It started out as an opportunity for me an offer my expertise and has become something I do every year,” he says.

Mackay is also a project manager at Tangle Creative.

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