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Where is the love?

Like Don Henley said, there's just not enough love in the world…

Legendary singer Etta James says, at laaaaaaaaast, she's gonna whoop Beyoncé's assMeow!

Kellogg's has dropped Michael Phelps from endorsing Corn Flakes, thanks to his bong hit last week.  I will therefore be dropping Kellogg's from my shopping list.  Boycotts are tough, though — Froot Loops are so good when you're stoned!

But then there's new senator Mike Duffy, whose political grandstanding took an erotic turn:

"I was disappointed to see that our dynamic young premier in Prince
Edward Island, Robert Ghiz, has climbed into bed with the premier of
Newfoundland…You know what happened, what a grotesque scene that is. You know
what happens when two politicians climb into bed together. One of them
comes out on top and I'm afraid when you're in bed with Danny Williams,
he's going to be on top."

This Valentine's Day, think of Mike Duffy, the dreamer, the bottom:


On the other side of the country, the Canadian Human Rights Commission has dismissed a claim by Edmonton gay activist Rob Wells against the Christian Heritage Party's anti-gay writings but you wouldn't know it from all the whining. The CHP's Ron Grey says activists like Wells are "using the power of the state to silence critics."  Uh…Ron?  You won.  And you're not exactly silent, are you?

Time magazine's Claire Sudduth really hates Facebook — and possibly humanity itself!

The job of saving humanity, however (now there's a segue) belongs to "Torchwood" — the bisexual alien hunters are back this summer and, if you don't blink during the brand-new trailer, you'll catch a bit of lovin':

New York artist  and critic Maureen Mullarkey is known for her paintings of drag queens and pride parades but now she's under fire, and rightly so, for donating money to the California gay marriage ban. She claims that "regard for individual gay persons does not require assent to a
politicized assault on bedrock social reality and the common good," which is just fancy-talk for, "I like making money thanks to drag queens but I wouldn't actually want a bunch of them in my home!"  Good luck finding your next batch of models, Mo!
But even if Maureen turns on us, there's still hope — I'm delighted by the awesome Kansas high school students who drove away a Fred Phelps protest (hoorah!) and I'm charmed by the unlikely love affair of Peanut and Ranj:

  Have a love-filled weekend!