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Where the wild things are getting coffee

Exhibit examines day-to-day life through the mythical monster

There are monsters among us, and they are a bit anxious. After all, they have to worry about paying the bills and getting their hair cut and worrying about how that new shirt fits.

For his thesis at OCADU, queer artist Elija Montgomery built a monster from scratch, in a true Jim Henson–esque vision. He also created a world his monster, Wat, inhabits, including photographs, the monster’s home, and a Twitter and Instagram account in an exhibit titled I Am a Monster.

"I Am a Monster is an exploration of misunderstood monsters and addresses the ways in which we feel different and other through looking at our relationships with people, spaces and ourselves,” Montgomery’s artistic statement explains. “Monsters throughout literature and film have generally acted as a stand in for a feared Other. Through the use of photographs, the audience discovers who this monster really is, rather than just what.”

Tonight, Aug 1, Wat’s world gets a new temporary home at the Xpace Cultural Centre as part of its August programming. Come and check out this incredible work, and remember: it’s not easy being green, scaly and weird.

I Am a Monster
Part of Xpace Cultural Centre’
s August programming
Opening reception Fri, Aug 1, 7–10pm
Runs until Fri, Aug 29
Xpace Cultural Centre

303 Lansdowne Ave, Unit 2