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Where the wild things are, indeed

Wow, didn't see this coming: Maurice Sendak has come out at the age of 80. The creator of the legendary children's book "Where the Wild Things Are" says no one ever asked him before. Wild thing, I think I love you!

US government internal investigation reports don't typically contain references to crystal meth and oral sex but a new report alleges that 13 Interior Department employees rigged contracts, accepted bribes and had sex with oil company employees. The Inspector General found a "culture of substance abuse and promiscuity…wholly lacking in acceptance of or adherence to government ethical standards." Right-wingers are always saying that "government should be run like a business;" we didn't know they meant the porn business.

Canadian politics are never this crazy (sigh): our biggest scandal this week was Elizabeth May being left out of a debate! But cheers to the National Post for trying to whip up a froth: a polls piece "examines the homosexual voter" and discovers the bleeding obvious: "Clearly, they are anti-Conservative…The hostility there is dramatic." Dramatic, I tell you! 
Poor Stephen Harper:
what has he
what has he
what has he done to deserve this?

Cutedown! Stealing a page from the awesome Chris Leavins, we ask: What's Cuter? Ellen's wedding or "kitten surprise?"

In stores this Tuesday is a great big cube containing 33 DVDs of "Will & Grace" with all eight seasons. The only downside? It's got all eight seasons.

And finally, the craggy hotness that is Daniel Craig. I leave you with Bond…James Bond…