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Where’s Dave Wilson?

Plainclothed detective David Wilson is no longer working out of 52 Division.

He says he’s got a new job – which he started Nov 27 – in Intelligence Services.

“I was in the fortunate position of having an opportunity to seize,” he says. “An opportunity came up.”

Wilson won’t say whether the job’s a promotion. He also says he can’t give much more detail. He’s working in the organized crime section.

“There’s not much else that I can tell you. It’s a new job for me.” He says he’s looking forward to learning the ropes and facing new challenges.

Wilson’s old boss, 52 Division head Aidan Maher, who has not responded to Xtra’s calls for weeks, returned a message left this week. “We don’t comment on operational matters,” he said, when asked about Wilson’s whereabouts.

When he was in 52 Division, Det Wilson was the supervisor who helped run the raid on the Pussy Palace women’s bathhouse event in the wee hours of Sep 15. Two women are charged with “permitting disorderly conduct” and three other charges under the liquor act.

He’s also told Xtra he visited the Barn (which is facing a single charge of “disorderly conduct”) during one of its regular naked nights. He also went to The Bijou (he could not recall how many times) during the months in which police became regulars. Eventually, more than a dozen Bijou patrons were charged with indecency under the Criminal Code; all those charges were later dropped by the Crown.

As a plainclothes officer at 52 Division, Wilson spent a lot of time visiting bars throughout the area and checking for liquor violations.