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Where’s the Sexiest Place to be on October 8th? At Lick of course…

*I am sick as a dog people* Sorry for the brief post but I can hardly see straight…

For the launch for Shuck & What It Feels Like for a Girl. If you're looking for something to do tomorrow night, this is it:

Two hot authors with hot new books performing in one hot space! Join
Daniel Allen Cox, Jennica Harper, Allison Mack (Chloe on "Smallville"),
and Billeh Nickerson for a celebration of sexy new lit at Lick (455 Abbott Street, Vancouver)

ALLEN COX will be celebrating the launch of his debut novel SHUCK
(Arsenal Pulp Press), the semi-autobiographical diary of a New York
City hustler who tries to make sense of his world through pieces of
found trash. Daniel will be performing New York stories that never made
the novel, and will shuck his pants upon request.

Acclaimed poet BILLEH NICKERSON will be reading from SHUCK.

Allen Cox is a former Inches cover model, video porn star, and
interviewer for the New York Waste. He is the author of the novella
Tattoo This Madness In (Dusty Owl Press) and lives in Montreal. Capital
Xtra has called him a “novelist & ho.”

Billeh Nickerson is
the author of The Asthmatic Glassblower, nominated for the Publishing
Triangle Poetry Prize, and Let Me Kiss it Better: Elixirs for the Not
So Straight and Narrow. He is also co-editor of Seminal: The Anthology
of Canada's Gay Male Poets with John Barton.

Praise for Shuck:

Allen Cox writes truthfully and elegantly about a New York that I knew
very well and that I miss very much. Set in the late 1990s, his novel
Shuck describes with great clarity and verve the last gasp of a gritty
Manhattan just before the war with the Eskimos, a bygone era that
existed before wealth and privilege strangled the sweet life out of
street life."
–Bruce LaBruce, director of Otto; or, Up with Dead People

HARPER will be launching her new book of poetry, WHAT IT FEELS LIKE FOR
A GIRL (Anvil Press, 2008). The book is a series of poems following the
intense friendship between two teenagers as they idolize Madonna and
explore the strange, titillating world of pornography. They soon learn
just how complicated sexuality is—and how confusing desire can be.

Allison Mack of Smallville will be joining Jennica on stage for a performed reading.

Praise for What It Feels Like for a Girl:

brave, hard-edged, and a little frightening… Jennica Harper offers a
compassionate glimpse into the turbulent lives of teenaged girls. May
this book find its way to school libraries. May it find itself in the
hands of every young person who ever wondered What It Feels Like for a
–Elizabeth Bachinsky, Governor General’s Award Nominee for Home of Sudden Service