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Which country comes the quickest?

Based on the length of time users spend on their site, the people at Pornhub have created an infographic map that shows which country lasts the longest.

Pornhub assumed that a user wouldn’t continue on the site very long after coming, so using data accumulated from web hits this fall, it estimated the length of time people around the world spend watching porn.

The Togolese have the greatest staying power, with an average of 15 minutes, 3 seconds spent on the site. Other African countries are also in the lead, averaging 12 to 13 minutes.

According to the data, Iraqis are the quickest visitors to the site, averaging 5 minutes and 30 seconds.

Canada and the US are almost equal, with Canada clocking an average of 9 minutes, 52 seconds, compared to the 10 minutes, 17 seconds Americans take getting off.

Check out the complete map here.