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White supremacist rally planned for Vancouver?

Word is that a white supremacist group called Advocates for White Civil Rights is planning a march through Vancouver's Lower Mainland on Mar 21 to coincide with the International Day for the Elimination of Racism.

According to the group Anti-Racist Action, the white pride rally will start at Braid SkyTrain in New Westminster at noon, proceed through several stations, and end up at the Vancouver Art Gallery. 

Though we haven't yet been able to confirm if this event will take place, the email we got from Anti-Racist Action says plans are afoot to counter the march with one of their own. The Multicultural Pride march will also assemble at Braid station and shadow the white supremacists with what they say will be a peaceful, celebratory rally of their own.

Those marching under the banner of multiculturalism say they do not intend to block the white supremacists' march.

"The concept of 'white pride' is protected under freedom of speech, despite the fact that it is being used as a thin veneer to mask the promotion of hate crimes," the email states. "We are there to present the differing viewpoint, in a safe, positive and fun manner. We ask that all interested members of Vancouver's diverse ethnic and cultural communities join us; to celebrate the differences between us, and to demonstrate to these individuals and groups that racial hatred will not go unchallenged in this area," the email says.

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