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Who does Zachary Quinto pine for?

BY ROB SALERNO – Proving what I call the “Lance Bass Effect,” we’re still talking about Heroes star Zachary Quinto’s decision to come out of the closet this weekend, thanks to Quinto’s own writing on the subject on his blog, his appearance on MTV to talk about it, and a late-night local news anchor’s decision to out himself on air by saying he could see himself dating Quinto (back of the line, Dan Kloeffler).

But it’s not just the news media that are obsessed with talking about Quinto’s sexuality. Enough people are curious that this is how Google now auto-completes the question “Is Zachary Quinto gay":

And who wouldn’t pine for Captain Kirk?

Speaking of Chris Pine, here’s the trailer for his upcoming movie This Means War, in which he stages increasingly cartoonish fights with Tom Hardy over Reese Witherspoon, presented for no particularly good reason.

Speaking of Tom Hardy, here he is taking a close-range paintball to his bare ass.

OK, you got me. This whole post was an excuse to post video of Tom Hardy’s butt. As usual, post all complaints to the comments section below.

Finally, here’s a get-off-your-butt-and-do-something story from CBS about a quadruple congenital amputee mountain climber. You have no excuses.

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