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Who is the Black Spark?

Woody Reviews

Love it or hate it, Ed Woody thinks the Black Spark is the most stirring phenom the porn scene has seen in years. Credit: Black Spark Films

One question has lit up the gayporn interwebs like no other in recent months: who is the Black Spark?

This phenomenon first appeared as an anonymous Xtube clip, showing a masked man walking in the snow, trenchcoat flapping open alluringly to reveal one hell of a body underneath. “The Black Spark is coming,” teased the caption, as if heralding some new superhero or religious icon.

All the blogs picked it up, and in a matter of weeks his legend spread across the internet. Everyone wanted to know — who is this mysterious figure?

Longer and more elaborate clips followed, each pushing the envelope a little further while keeping the Spark’s identity secret, thanks to a variety of masks, face-covering bandanas or just artful editing.

What is it that has the public so fascinated? Clearly an extremely sexy body and the lack of a face — drawing even more attention than usual to the tight physique, inviting ass and huge cock. Refusing to identify yourself is a genius technique for generating buzz.

But more than that, it’s the creativity of the images. Silhouette and neon, slow motion and soft focus. Jerking off lit only by Christmas lights wrapped around the dick. Sensual, erotic lovemaking that somehow seems to tell a story without any kind of linear narrative.

There’s also the inspired musical choices. Not standard bow-chicka porn soundtracks, but obscure and brilliant songs that complement the images in surprising ways. ITunes can thank the Spark for sending numerous customers its way, including me.

Eventually, of course, someone broke the spell. By matching up moles and nipple freckles, the Black Spark was conclusively identified as one Josh Stark, a former model for Josh admitted he was one of the men involved in the Black Spark project, but far from the only one. The mystery continues.

Naturally, as with anything, there are lovers and haters. Fans who claim it’s a revolution in porn-making that no major studio could come close to matching. Others who deride it as art-school bollocks — “Ooh, look, naked men and flashing lights! So the fuck what?”

I gotta say, I fall squarely in the former camp. As somebody who’s seen so much porn that I can watch a hardcore fisting-to-the-elbow scene and barely feel a stirring, there’s something about the Black Spark productions that has captured my attention in a way nothing has for years.