Toronto Diary
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Who needs Ford, anyway?

So, today's raising of the rainbow flag at city hall marked the start of Pride Week in Toronto, but the bigger story was that Mayor Rob Ford didn't show up for it. Apparently, the guy was too busy touring the Air Canada Centre to read the proclamation. And yes, apparently, it was all a meeting about him marching with PFLAG, but do you expect me to believe a straight guy went to the ACC to discuss gay politics? Yeah, and I bet he reads Playboy for the articles.

Anyway, here's the thing: sure, people booed about Rob Ford bailing on us, and I understand the outrage. That being said, did you really want him there? I mean, Jesus, that's like inviting the nerdy asshole in your class to your birthday party because your mom made you, then getting mad when he doesn't show up. If anything, I'm pretty sure we dodged a bullet.

Once again, I understand the outrage. Rob Ford is a public servant, and he has a duty to represent ALL his constituents, not just the ones he likes. That being said… we don't want it to rain on our parade, so why invite the rain cloud? Meh, it's no skin off my ass. 

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