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Who will be the next Mr Chick Magnet?

Ottawa’s annual drag king competition returns

Drag kings compete for the title of Mr Chick Magnet on April 22, 2016. Credit: Sabrina Provorna

His gaze makes the men quiver and the women swoon. He has the boyish charm of a young Michael J Fox and the charisma of an old James Spader. Most importantly, he’s got a mustache as long, lustrous and soft as a swan’s neck. Who is he? That’s Mr Chick Magnet.

The Ottawa drag king troupe Canada’s Capital Kings presents its third annual Mr Chick Magnet competition. At a new venue (previous competitions took place at The Lookout), a slew of drag kings will flip up their bangs and collars and paint on some whiskers for a drag kings–only pageant. The winner gets the title of Mr Chick Magnet (for a year, anyway).

Of course, the winner doesn’t have to be Michael J Fox-meets-James Spader-with-a-swan-mustache. “He should have a positive attitude — the willingness to be kind to other drag kings,” says Max Power, a member of Canada’s Capital Kings. “Also, a great stage presence and really knowing their lyrics. And they should have fun.”

“If they’re a nice person who loves doing drag, that’ll pretty much do it.”

Complete with the mandatory pun-tastic or just plain silly names, this year’s diverse array of competitors are Hayden Banger, Chad Charming, Justin Cider, Reji Moore Power, Liam Needsome, Zac Ammer, Busta Hymen, Sucré and Tom Cat.

There are three rounds. The first is pageant wear, when each contestant gets a chance to woo the crowd with a strut and show off their personality by answering a question. The second is the “egg challenge,” when each contestant picks a fake egg from a basket and does the random challenge found inside. Finally, they each perform the numbers they’ve prepared.

Judges Miles Zinya (a member of Canada’s Capital Kings), Don Jovi (boylesque performer) and Shade Nyx (burlesque performer) will pick the first, second and third place winners. In addition to the much-coveted title, the first place winner also receives a gift certificate to the sex shop Venus Envy, a photoshoot with Brenda Lyn Greer Photography and a pass to a local gym.

This is also a fundraiser for two local charities. “We’re collecting donations to donate in honour of our friend who passed away recently,” Power says. Funds will be given in Adam Prashaw’s name to both Epilepsy Ottawa and Gender Mosaic (a trans social and support group).