Toronto Diary
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Who’d you rather? Pro-gay jocks edition

This week saw a pretty sizable upswing in support for the gay community from hockey players everywhere after reformed NHL-bad-boy Sean Avery did a pro-gay-marriage ad (bonus points for stealing his glasses from Trailer Park Boys’ Bubbles). Granted, this is 2011 and at this point, the only people who aren’t onboard with same-sex marriage are just hateful, narrow-minded bigots who, one day, will be subjected to eye-rolls from their grandkids. That being said, we appreciate the display of solidarity, and I’m rewarding it in the only way I know: by objectifying him on a blog! Yeah, I’m not sure that makes sense either, but it does give me an opportunity to post shirtless pics of Sean and fellow queer-ally, athlete Brendon Ayanbadejo and make you choose which one is hotter. So there’s that. So would you rather…

Sean Avery?

Or Brendon Ayanbadejo?

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