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Who’s ahead in Vancouver Centre?

Xtra hosts candidates' debate

Game 7 of the Canucks vs Blackhawks didn’t keep everyone away from Xtra‘s Vancouver Centre candidates’ debate on April 26.

About 60 people turned out to ask Liberal MP Hedy Fry, Green Party challenger Adriane Carr and NDP candidate Karen Shillington where they stand on everything from gay blood donation and free speech for the Falun Gong, to how they plan to instill greater respect for gay people in practice now that many rights exist on paper.

Conservative candidate Jennifer Clarke, though repeatedly invited, did not attend.

Debate moderator and Xtra managing editor Robin Perelle encouraged the candidates present to offer more in-depth answers than the soundbytes that have so far dominated the campaign trail across the country.

Videographer Rob Easton was there to capture their answers and gauge their relative likelihood of success on May 2.